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It is with great pleasure that we are presenting you this site – turning our passion for beards into a little online site where great products can be found to supply you with the best care for your bear. We’ll be talking about all the good stuff and we got it all : Beard Trimmers, Mustache Scissors, Beard Oil and Beard Conditioners!

Beard Trimmer, Mustache Trimmer, Beard Oil

A great beard needs great care

As an entry and overview we’re presenting to you the Top 8 To-Do’s to have a great beard

Beard grooming has actually never ever been so simple, but there’s more than just using any old Beard Trimmer. These 8 beard care techniques will keep your facial hair looking pleasant.

Primarily and most importantly, be patient

A genuinely legendary beard is the item of self-restraint. When you initially begin growing, withstand the desire to cut or design, and leave it unblemished for the very first 4-6 weeks. This will permit the hairs to grow (some grow faster than others), and assist you to select a design that matches its length and density. Four weeks is about the time your beard will not look good anymore – it will look like you didn’t take care of it. It is hugely important you resist the urge to trim it to form a foundation of hair that you can then work with.

Match your Beard shape to your face

Like any wild animal, a beard ought to be in-tune with its surrounding environment.  If you make the right decision for the type of your beard it will enhance your looks in great fashion. Your beard will look much better, therefore will you. Good care can always be seen. Use Beard Trimmers / Mustache Scissors and Beard Oil to get a much sleeker look!

I can do much writing here, but this video here will give you a perfect guide to match your beard with your face shape

Know how and when to trim your Beard

This is two in one ! Trimming is important to a well-groomed beard, even if you intend on growing it out. Buy a quality Beard Trimmer, and discover the best method to fit your master strategy. Generally there are two types of Beards and they need different tools : long grown Beards and Beards that are rather short (less than 1 inch).

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Personally, I am exceptionally happy using the Philips Norelco Trimmer.

Beard Trimmer, Mustache Trimmer


It comes at a cost – somewhere around 150-180$ depending on the offer. But believe me, you will notice the difference between a trimmer like this and a Trimmer for less than 50$. The cut is cleaner, it doesn’t hurt as much because the Trimmer is more powerful and the adjustment options are just perfect ! You can always start with a cheap trimmer to find your way and then upgrade.

How to handle a tool like this ? Again, it is best to look at it on video


Wash it!

This is specifically crucial in the early phases of development, when caught food and skin cells can worsen the itching. Scrub your beard a number of times weekly. Some pages will now recommend a specialized cleanser, but come on, it is a Beard – so it is hair. Hair needs Shampoo or Soap and a conditioner at best to keep it clean – that’s it!

I have never had any problems just washing my beard like this. The main thing is to get all of your Beard aligned into the natural direction of the Hair.

Love thy Beard Oil

This is really important. If you’re looking for the single most important thing to do to have an outstandingly smooth Beard : go for Beard Oil ! It tames your Beard perfectly well and gives you some styling options. In general it just helps to align your Beard so it looks smart on you. But also it adds this really nice smell. Believe me – if you’re growing a Beard and miss out on great after shave perfumes – this is the option you want to keep the ladies close

Beard Trimmer, Mustache Trimmer, Beard Oil

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Remember the Mustache

Unless you’ve picked a chinstrap –  and we truly hope you didn’t – growing an impressive Beard is like growing a Mustache. To keep it looking cool, cut the location around your philtrum (the location under your nose) with a set of grooming scissors, and keep it naturally shaped with a medium-hold wax. You can go really wrong with scissors. DON’T use your girlfriend’s nail scissors. They are not sharp enough and they will hurt you big time.

You will need to get Mustache Scissors. How are they different from normal Coiffeur Scissors ? They are even sharper and even stronger, because Beard Hair is stronger than normal body hair. Mostly Mustache Scissors come in a nice leather bag with a comb as well, so you’re perfectly set. And of course you can use Mustache Scissors to trim your beard as well !

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Fuel Up

You cannot construct a home without bricks, and the exact same uses to facial hair. Your beard is made from protein and fat, however it’s likewise greatly dependent on Vitamins B5, B3, and B9. That suggests lean meats, nuts, egg yolks, milk, and a lot of leafy greens. If you’re seriously dedicated, you can likewise complete your diet plan with a supplement. This is taking it to the next level of course. I have tried Vitamins for a couple of months and I did notice some stronger hair, but as my Beard is really thick already I didn’t continue with it. However for people with thinner growth, this is a great way to grow a bigger Beard.

Watch it – Beard Oils and Conditioners will already bring most of what you need to grow a thicker Beard ! Don’t overcook it.